The National Dates, Palm Trees, and Agricultural Technology Exhibition

المعرض الوطني للتمور والنخيل والتقنيات الزراعية

بنغازي - ليبيا

Why We Exhibit in Benghazi

Benghazi is a cultural and economic beacon in North Africa, opening its doors to showcase dates, palm trees, and general agricultural technologies. Benghazi is the ideal location to host this event for several reasons, starting with its strategic location on the Mediterranean coast. It is a historic commercial gateway that connects Libya to the world, and a leading agricultural center surrounded by a promising agricultural region. Its active administrations are working diligently to develop it in all fields.

Targeted Specializations

– Date production companies (national, imported, exported)

– Packaging and filling companies

– Agricultural machinery and equipment companies

– Agricultural nurseries

– Livestock production companies

– Animal feed companies 

– Landscaping companies
– Agricultural pharmaceutical companies
– Seed production companies
– Veterinary pharmaceutical companies
– Pump manufacturing companies 
– Water desalination companies
– Environmental analysis and research centers

Who Will You Meet at B-AGRO EXPO

– Companies and institutions working in the field of agriculture.

– Experts and specialists in the field of agriculture

– Representatives of government agencies

orgnaized by saker expo

With over 17 years of experience in organizing exhibitions and conferences, Saker expo Company has a proven track record of success. We have organized over 70 successful exhibitions and conferences in various fields.

Saker Company is organizing the National Dates, Palm Trees, and Agricultural Technology Exhibition in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Benghazi, which ensures wide participation from local and international companies.

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